Peadiatric / Children’s Foot Conditions

Many symptomatic foot problems we endure as adults, are present, but remain undetected as children. Indeed, a number of foot problems may be diagnosed and effectively treated within the first few months of a baby’s life. For this reason, we suggest all children should be screened for foot problems before the age of 12 months, again at 24 months, then at 3 years and 7 years of age.

At Sayed and Rajah Podiatrists, the following children’s foot and leg problems can be assessed and helped:
• Infant foot deformities
• Rotational problems such as in-toeing or out-toeing
• Pronated or flat feet
• Sever’s disease (heel pain)
• Toe deformities
• Toenail conditions
• Verruca (warts)
• Skin conditions

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