I have received exceptional service from Dr Sayed ever since I first contacted his office. Although I did not have an appointment, he arranged to see me that very same day. He immediately relieved my pain, providing exceptional service both in terms of medical treatment and a caring manner. I would heartily recommend Dr. Sayed to anyone with a podiatric problem.
~Melissa Swarts, Sandton

"I have been to several podiatrists but Sayed and Rajah Podiatrists are definitely the best.
~Martha Khumalo , Myersdal

Mrs Rajah has treated my feet since 2003. I developed a very painful heel spur. After treatment and the wearing of orthotics in my shoes, I was free of pain. No surgery was necessary.
~Juleika Khan, Ridgeway

I don’t know how to thank you but that’s why I posted this comment: To all those nervous freaks like my self that has been suffering for years with ingrown toe nails.
Sayed is definitely the doctor to see, not only is he excellent with the way he does the surgery but his so reassuring and calm. I think that’s what I needed someone who is so professional and reassuring. Thanks and my nails are looking great, you wouldn’t even say I had ingrown’s removed

I came to Sayed and Rajah Podiatrist on the recommendation of my physio therapist, in Parkview. I had severe pain in my metatarsal area, and had difficulty walking my usual three kilometers a day. On Mr Sayed’s recommendation, I purchased his prescription orthotics, and have been successfully walking ever since. Thanks loads!!"
~Mrs A Johnson

"Thank you for your caring and kindness"
~Dinesh Singh

Diabetics like my self are so blessed to have podiatrists like both of you that really care. I was told by my GP that my foot needed to be amputated but the two of you worked closely together to save my foot. Your working together and team effort really made me feel special. I would never go any where else with a foot problem… im your patient for life. May your practice and team work grow from strength to strength
~Mr Dominick Van Niekerk, Brakpan

Thank you Mrs Rajah for your expert care from the moment I walked through your door. You are a fine doctor who genuinely cares for her patients"
~ Mr Mohammed, Lenasia