Treatment of lesions of the skin and nail

Our podiatrists can use a variety of methods to help you, including expert use of the scalpel and the podiatry drill. Our podiatrist will also be able to determine whether your minor skin and nail problems are being caused by an underlying structural/ biomechanical problem, or footwear problem. We provide the appropriate treatment to prevent recurrence of such conditions.

Fungal infections are common in the feet, both in the toes and on the skin. We can diagnose these problems and recommend a suitable treatment.

Ingrown toenails may be treated conservatively or with surgery.

At Sayed and Rajah Podiatrists we are also involved in the treatment of:

• Warts
• Corns and Callus
• Cracked heels (fissures)
• Fungal Infections of Nails and Skin
• Thick discolored nails
• Ingrown Toenails
• Dermatitis
• and any other skin condition affecting your feet.

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