Diabetic Foot Management

When it comes to diabetes and feet, prevention is the goal.

Globally, diabetes is responsible for more than 1 million amputations every year, and next to traumatic injuries, diabetes is the most common cause of lower limb amputations (International Diabetes Federation).

People with diabetes are prone to develop foot problems such as infections and skin ulcerations as a result of reduced circulation, decreased sensation and slow wound healing.
Diabetics should consult their podiatrist routinely to ensure preventative foot care measures are undertaken to reduce the likelihood of developing serious foot complications.

At Sayed and Rajah Podiatrists we offer the following for all Diabetic Patients:

• Comprehensive vascular and neurological assessment
• Screening
• Diabetic foot care and foot wear education.
• Management of foot and lower limb complications
• In high risk patients, callus, nail pathology and other skin
  disorders should be treated regularly by a podiatrist.

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