Ms Rajah

Ms Raashika Rajah

Ms Rajah qualified as a podiatrist at the former TWR in 2002. She initially set up the practice in Robertsham South of Johannesburg in 2003. After a year or practicing in South Africa she headed to London and practice as a podiatrist at various NHS Hospitals. Ms Rajah dedicated to her patients and profession employed locums to continue serving the community of Johannesburg while she was abroad. Ms Rajah gained a tremendous amount of clinical exposure and experience working at various hospitals and foot clinics. She also continued furthering her education in podiatry and attended a number of postgraduate courses, workshops and seminars in Podiatric Medcine while living in the UK. Ms Rajah and Sayed started their first joined practice in 2005, and today 6 years later have 4 practices throughout. Johannesburg.

Ms Rajah a mother of 2 beautiful children is still dedicated and committed towards her patients and profession is still practicing but has reduced her amount of time at the various clinics. She has developed a good relationship with her patients. Patients love her warm sympathetic personality. She loves kids, adores and has all the patience for the elderly, her special interest is Podo-Pediatrics, Podo-Geritrics, General podiatry and the treatment of the high risk foot.

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